I’ve come to believe that the worst dental emergencies always seem to happen when a dentist is not around.  I was working out at the gym when I received a call on my 24 hour emergency line early Saturday morning. The gentleman on the phone said he was at dinner the night before and bit into something hard and the crown on his front tooth had come off.  He couldn’t get in touch with his regular dentist but found us by searching the web for an emergency dentist in Thousand Oaks. Whenever I get a call like this I know chances are that not only did a crown come off, but more than likely the entire tooth with it! And it gets worse. He was scheduled to go out Saturday evening to a social event and obviously couldn’t go out looking like this!!

Thousand Oaks Emergency DentistNewbury Park Emergency DentistI met him at the office about an hour later. There wasn’t much left of this tooth but the patient was adamant that he wanted to try and save it rather than extracting it and placing a dental implant. I was able to put a temporary post in the root of the tooth and a temporary crown so that he could avoid the embarrassment of walking around looking…well…toothless…and still make the party on Saturday night. On Monday he came back to the office to have the molds made for a permanent crown only to tell me that he was leaving in 3  days for a long vacation. No problem!! We took the mold and had the dental lab rush the crown back to us. We cemented the permanent crown on the evening before the patient’s departure.

He was very grateful and pleased with the results. Just a reminder that emergencies are ALWAYS seen promptly at my office.