Sometimes Dr. Roth needs to place a crown on a tooth if the tooth has cracked or a portion of it has fractured off, or if decay has destroyed a large portion of the tooth structure.  Crowns (sometimes called “caps”) are dental restorations that cover and protect the entire tooth. A crown often needs to be placed after a tooth has had root canal treatment.

Crowns AKA "caps" There are many new and innovative materials that are used to fabricate crowns. Dr. Roth will often use porcelain for crowns and match the shade of the porcelain so that the crown blends with your other teeth and will be virtually unnoticeable.  Dr. Roth will evaluate your bite and the way your teeth meet together in order to use the appropriate material that will guarantee your new crown is strong and long lasting.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth by crowning the teeth on either side of the open space and joining those two crowns with a floating crown where the missing tooth used to be.  The floating crown is called a pontic, while the crowns on the teeth are called abutments, or retainer crowns.

Sometimes there are situations where a dental implant is not feasible and the patient does not want a removable partial denture.  Dr. Roth can then offer a bridge as an alternative treatment.

Crowns and bridges are cemented into place with a special cement or adhesive and have a very natural appearance.  The quality dental laboratory that Dr. Roth partners with is able to closely match color and shape of the porcelain to your own teeth. You care for your crowns and bridges in the same manner as natural teeth – brushing and flossing daily.

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