Implants are one of the most desired ways to replace a missing tooth.

Having the look and feel of a natural tooth, a dental implant is a titanium anchor inserted into the jawbone to function in the same manner as the root of a tooth. Once these “anchors” are in place, Dr. Roth can place restorations on them such as crowns, bridges, partials, or full dentures.

There are various factors used to determine if a person is a candidate for a dental implant and Dr. Roth will be able to give you complete guidance when he reviews your dental records at your consultation. Surgical placement and restoration of a dental implant requires several stages and multiple appointments.

Several months of healing time will be required to allow the implant to integrate with your bone and become solid before Dr. Roth can place any type of restoration on the implant.  Once it is determined that the implant is solid and fully integrated, Dr. Roth will add the necessary attachments and work closely with his world class  lab technicians to fabricate very natural looking restorations.  Dental implants can allow you to have an improved smile and functionality, restore your self esteem, and improve your overall quality of life. It will be very important to maintain your routine check ups and cleanings to insure the long life of your restored dental implant.

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