Get to the Root of the Pain!  

Ignore the Root Canal Urban Myths!

With today’s technology and the benefits of local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, or conscious sedation, having root canal therapy on a tooth should be no different that what you experience when you have a filling done.

Root Canal Therapy - Thousand OaksWhen a tooth has suffered trauma or has been largely damaged by decay, sometimes root canal therapy is the only way that the tooth can be saved.  Extensive decay can sometimes spread to the nerve of the tooth, referred to as the pulp chamber or nerve canals. This can create a bacterial infection in the nerve canals, leading to severe toothache.

Dr. Roth will be able to let you know if the tooth can be saved with root canal therapy or if the tooth needs to be extracted. It is always best to save the tooth if you can!

Dr. Roth will use local anesthetic for the procedure to insure your comfort. Many times a root canal therapy can be completed in a single appointment, but there are sometimes situations that call for more than one appointment.

During the procedure, Dr. Roth will clean out the infection in the tooth’s nerve canal and fill the area back in with a biologically inert material to seal it from future infections.

After root canal therapy there can be mild tenderness or inflammation for a few days, but any severe pain you were having prior to the appointment will be gone. Typically over-the-counter medication will provide adequate relief.

After your root canal therapy is complete, Dr. Roth will discuss your options of restoring the tooth with a full coverage crown to protect it from fracturing.

There are some situations when Dr. Roth will elect to refer you to a Root Canal Specialist, known as an Endodontist. If this is the case, you can feel at ease knowing that Dr. Roth chooses to partner with doctors who share his same philosophy of patient care and his same standard of excellence when it comes to dentistry.