In our office we have two excellent dental hygienists that specialize in keeping our patients gums as healthy possible. Both have many years of experience and are very kind and gentle. Our patients love them!!

Newbury Park Teeth CleaningWhen a new patient is seen in our office many of them ask, “How often should I get my teeth cleaned?” Well that depends. When you first visit our office Dr. Roth will complete a dental examination that includes checking your teeth and gums for any signs of gingivitis or gum disease. If your gums are healthy and don’t bleed you probably just need a simple teeth cleaning which involves removing any tartar and plaque from the tooth surfaces and then polishing your teeth so they feel nice and smooth.

Many people, especially those who don’t brush or floss their teeth as much as they should, or have other health conditions, may need a more extensive teeth cleaning. People with gum disease often need a deeper cleaning in order to remove the tartar and plaque from below the gums and on the root surfaces of the teeth. Studies have shown that over 60% of the adult population has some form of gum disease.

So if your gums are healthy you probably only need to have them cleaned every six months. But if we find that you have gum disease Dr. Roth and the hygienists may recommend that you be seen every 3 to 4 months so that the condition can be monitored and kept from getting worse.

Regular dental visits and teeth cleaning can improve your overall health and help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

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