Seal Out Decay With Dental Sealants! 

Decay often occurs on molars where the tooth’s chewing surface has deep pits and grooves. Combine that with poor brushing habits and you have an ideal breeding ground for dental decay!

Dental sealants are recognized by the American Dental Association as a key method of cavity prevention because they reduce the probability of decay in molars and premolars, by sealing the deep pits and grooves with a thin plastic film.

Applying dental sealants is a very easy process that is often done by one of Dr. Roth’s dental hygienists. First the grooves and pits in the tooth are cleaned and prepared with a special etching solution which makes the sealant adhere to the tooth. The tooth is then rinsed, dried, and the sealant liquid is applied with a fine tip to get the solution down into the grooves and pits of the tooth.

Once the solution is in place, a special ultra-violet light light is used to harden the material. The process is painless and often times covered by your dental insurance plan.

Once the dental sealant is in place, food particles or debris are unable to get trapped in the grooves of your teeth and cause decay.

Dr. Roth’s dental team can answer any of your questions about the benefits of this procedure and can schedule you for this modern and pain-free way of keeping your teeth for a lifetime.